Last Planting at B&G Club!

Hi, all!

This is Anna from Ventura Eco-Renewal.  I want to let everyone know that we’ll be having our last planting at the 1440 Olive St Boys & Girls Club this Friday (February 3rd) from about 2:45 to 6:00 in the afternoon!  We have just a bit of clearing left to do on those two plots, so Thursday the 2nd we’ll be having another volunteering opportunity at the same times.  Come and volunteer to gain extra credit points (for certain VHS classes), community service hours, or just to help our community and environment!  This will be our very last planting at the Boys & Girls Club, so don’t miss out!

In other news, Ventura Eco-Renewal was featured in the Ventura Breeze with a lovely article by VHS student Brooke Demchuk.  Feel free to check out the article (page 13) at:


Finally, I will put the Junior Board on the website soon! We already have 8 interested students from the town of Ventura, all of whom are in tenth or eleventh grade.  I’m so glad to have such enthusiastic students joining Ventura Eco-Renewal!


Hope to see you Thursday and Friday!


Clearing, Prepping, Mulching

This Friday and Saturday, January 20th and 21st, we’re inviting volunteers to help us prep and clear the last plot to be planted, and finish mulching the already planting garden.  the mulch, which was generously donated by Agromin, is an essential part to keep our garden hydrated, organic, and healthy.


On Friday, we’ll be at the club (1140 Olive St) from about 3 to 6, and Saturday’s times will be in the early afternoon (we’ll let you know soon!).


Hope to see you there!


Photo courtesy of the Ventura County Star

Update: No Planting January 6

Hi everyone,

Due the lack of time to prepare and advertise about planting on Friday the 6th (and clearing on Thursday the 5th), we are postponing our event until next week. Thanks for your understanding, and hope to see you at the planting next week!


P.S. Be sure to check out Ventura Botanical Garden’s “Sow in the New Year” event this Saturday featuring native wildflowers!

New Year’s Updates

Happy 2012, all!

2011 was a really exciting year for Ventura Eco-Renewal: our founding, first donations, and fist ground-breaking! We plan to continue on with the planting at the Olive Street Boys & Girls club this month.   Our next planting is hesitantly scheduled for Friday January 6th at 3 pm!

In other news, Ventura Eco-Renewal was featured in the Ventura County Star in a lovely report by Ms. Marya Barlow.  We’re so excited to be getting the word out about native gardening, community action, and sustainability!

Check out the article at:

And continue coming back for updates!


Happy Holidays!

This is Anna from Ventura Eco-Renewal, and I’m excited to show you some pictures of the past two plantings! We have had a great number of volunteers coming out to the club to work on planting  and clearing.  On Friday the 16th, we had kids form the club helpings us out with the planting and learning about native ecology.

We will continue work on the garden after the new year starts, probably during that first week of January.  Stay tuned for more information, or contact us to find out more.

Planting: December 9

Hello everyone, it’s Anna from Ventura Eco-Renewal!


I want to let the community know that tomorrow (December 9th) is our first planting day! Thanks to some great volunteers, we have cleared the largest of the four plots at the Boys & Girls Club site! We’ll be planting from about 3 to 6, or whenever it gets too dark to work. Please join us for the planting, it’ll be really fun, and you can get community service hours (and even extra credit for some classes)!

If you’re planning on coming, make sure you fill out that waiver, and I recommend that you bring gardening gloves, water, and your not-nicest clothes.

We will be continuing to clear during next week from Monday through Tuesday, and planting again next Friday, the 16th.  Clearing is a blast, and I expect that planting will be as well!

Hope to see you there!

Liability Release Waiver

Hello everyone!


We’re so excited to begin breaking ground at the Olive Street Boys & Girls Club this week! If you are interested in joining us either for clearing (3 pm Tuesday – Thursday this week and next) or planting (3 pm to 6 pm this Friday and next Friday), please print and fill-out the liability release waiver below.  If you’re under 18, make sure a parent or guardian signs it as well.